"Developing Multi–Scale, Multi–Cell Biological Simulations with CompuCell3D and SBW"

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10th User Training Workshop, Aug 11th – August 16th 2014, at the Hamner Institute for Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

We are pleased to announce our annual week-long workshop, teaching multiscale and multicell tissue modeling using the open–source CompuCell3D and Systems Biology Workbench programs. This year the workshop will be hosted at the Hamner Institute in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, between Aug 11th and August 16th 2014. Please help us spread the word by posting the attached poster and letting any of your colleagues who are interested in building tissue models of development, homeostasis, toxicity or developmental diseases like cancer.


By the end of the one week course, participants will have implemented a basic simulation of the particular biological problem they work on. Post-course support and collaboration will be available to continue simulation development.


Introduction to Reaction-Kinetics (RK) models. Introduction to SBW, Simulation, Network design tools and SBML. Introduction to GGH modeling. Applications of GGH modeling. Introduction to CompuCell3D. Python scripting. Basics of model building. Extending CompuCell3D. Building a basic simulation of your system.

Application and Registration:

Enrollment is limited and by application only. To apply, please send a c.v., a brief statement describing your current research interests and the specific problem you would like to model. Students and postdocs should also include a letter of support from their current advisor. A very limited amount of travel support may be available for student and postdoctoral participants. If travel support is being requested, please include a statement documenting need and amounts requested. Please submit all application materials electronically to Maciej Swat by June 10st, 2014.


IMPORTANT: To ensure that all participants are fairly proficient with Python we will offer a half-day Python course on Sunday Aug 10th 2014 (a day before the official workshop begins). Please feel free to join us for this pre-workshop event. If you have additional questions please contact Maciej Swat ( mswat@indiana.edu )

Tentative Agenda

Workshop Poster

Workshop Poster

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SBW Part Of The Workshop

SBW Part Of The Workshop

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